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                       You are Probably Wondering Why would I want to owner finance my home?

Alternative solutions for those who really need or want to sell their homes, on the Treasure Coast or Palm Beach County!

Sell my home now Port St Lucie, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Palm City, Vero Beach, Ft Pierce, Hobe Sound, West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, Jupiter North Palm Beach.


                                          How would it benefit me to allow owner financing on my property? 

                                                              Here are Six ways that you could benefit.

   1. Higher Sales Price.

   2. Sell your home faster.

   3. Save on your income taxes.

   4. Monthly income.

   5. Better interest rate than a bank pays.

   6. Recieve a nice down payment.

  Reason Number 1. By allowing owner financing we can offer you a higher sales price in most cases.

  Reason Number 2. Lets consider whats been going on over the last 4 years, first off some people were over burdened with job loss and had problems meeting their financial obligations. True some of them may very well have been irresponsible, but there were many others who got swept down by things well beyond their control, so now they can not get any conventional financing.  These people whom we pre-qualify are in usually in a position to act and buy fast.

  Reason Number 3. If you take your house payoff in a large lump sum, you then have a certain amount of time to use the money on another home purchase. Here's the kicker you need to purchase the new home at a value equal to or of larger value in relation to how much you received within that window of time. Otherwise the IRS will make you pay a capital gains tax. Why pay that when you can receive it in monthly installments taxed as regular income.

  Reason  Number 4. You get a monthly cash flow, in the form of installment payments.

  Reason Number 5. Have you seen what banks are willing to pay you on CD ? It's absolutely, absurdly low. Why would you want to accept that? When you can see a better rate of return from your monthly installment payment. 

  Reason Number 6. You can receive a down payment to use how ever you want.

 If you would like to further discuss the viability of using this as an alternative so sell your house much faster, please complete the form below. You are not obligating yourself to any commitment to sell your home. But you will get a chance to discover an innovative way to get your home sold faster. Please complete the owner options form below and lets talk.

                                            We will call you and schedule an appointment with you.

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