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 Having problems with your mortgage payment? Behind more than      one month on your payment? More than three months? More than six months? Have you received a Notice of Default? Received a Notice of Foreclosure? Owe more than your home is worth?

  The A Team may be able to help you! We specialize in short sales!

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  Is the stress getting to be too much to bear? Are you losing sleep at night because you are behind on your mortgage payment? Concerned about your credit score? Lost your job or had a decrease in your income?

 Obviously in this economy this question is probably on a lot of peoples minds. Maybe even on yours. Please do not despair,     you do have options, your first option if you want to try and keep your home would be a loan modification.

 This is something you can attempt to do on your own, but do expect to invest a lot of time and energy, as the process is long and drawn out. Another option if financially viable would be consult a reputable attorney who specializes in loan modifications.

But before you pay them any fees do some research on the firm/ attorney of your choice. There are many reputable attorneys out there and you can research any of them through many different sources via the internet.

 Generally you can find out information on attorneys through the state bar in whatever states they practice in or whatever state they reside in.

 The next option would be trying to list your home with a real estate agency. Depending on how much you still owe on your mortgage versus the current market value this may or not  be      a viable option.

 When you take into consideration the agent/agency charges fees for selling your property, this option may become even less attractive. 


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 Especially if you sell your home at a loss and then you have to pay   agency fees/commissions on top of the loss. This is not a knock against realtor's they will put in much time, effort and expenses in to the process of marketing your home, so they do deserve to be compensated.

 If you are only one month behind, you should contact your mortgage holder/ bank/lender and see if they can work with you. Keep in mind they are currently deluged with mortgage delinquencies, and may seem to be, or may actually be unwilling to help.

 Depending on what your financial future looks like as far as income goes, and  if you are not very confident in your ability to maintain your payment, and would like to try and preserve your credit give us a call.  

 Also remember if your house is taken through foreclosure it stays on your credit report for ten years, thus having a more adverse effect if you were planning to maybe buy another home again someday via conventional financing.

 Everybody's situation is different and unique, circumstance's are never the same no matter how many homeowner's we've helped, there's always a new wrinkle.      

 We will be glad to meet with you and help you figure out if a short sale is the right step for you, no risk no obligation. We can sit down and accumulate all the numbers and facts, explain it in simple layman's terms. Then you can make your own decision with no pressure and no further obligation, if you don't like what we offer as a solution!

      Wondering if a short sale makes the most sense for you financially?

 We may be able to help you preserve your credit!  Please feel free to  fill out the form provided below on this page ....      or feel free to give us a call at                                                                                  (772)237-0551                                                         

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