A AAA Able REI Inc.

   Tired of seeing distressed properties in your neighborhood?

                 Want to do something about it?

 Worried about your property value going down because of it?

We are on a mission to purchase distressed properties and either rehab them or turn them over to someone else who will. We are tired of seeing property values go down in the Treasure Coast Area, and we are on a mission to reverse the trend!

    Maybe you have a neighbor with one of the following problems

  • Bankruptcy / Foreclosure / Behind on mortgage payments
  • Death / Probate / Inherited property
  • Divorce
  • Tired landlords
You may wondering. How do you know if the property you are thinking of qualifies as distressed?

  •  Vacant Houses
  • Boarded-up Houses
  • Grass or Yard Overgrown
  • Drain pipes not connected to gutters
  • “For Sale by Owner” signs (no Realtor signs)
  • Run-down or dilapidated houses in nice neighborhoods
  • Mail piling up
  • “For Rent” signs
  • Broken windows

If you know of a distressed home in your neighborhood or one close by and would like to report it. Please feel free to complete the form below.

Distressed Property Report

**Please Note We Are Paying Rewards On Homes We Do Purchase**

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