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                                                   Are you sick and tired of worrying about stock market volatility?

                                                     Disgusted with the returns or lack of on your IRA or 401K ?

                                             Looking for safer more secure return on your hard earned money?

More than likely you probably answered yes to every one of these questions!  Obviously you are looking for some other ways to get a better return on your hard earned money. Something that is safe, secure, and in which you are in control.

 With the ongoing recession there is still much uncertainty in the stock market. So many savvy investors have turned to real-estate as one of their preferred investment vehicles. They place their hard earned investment money in safe secure real estate without the worry and the headaches associated with investment properties. They have found a way to become "private money lenders" and realize better and  higher returns by doing so.


So who are private money lenders?  

 A private lender is just your average person. Some of them have full time jobs, others are retirees. Some have large amounts of investment capital available and some others whom have a little set aside. Regardless of their background, all private lenders are just like anybody else out there, and looking for a better return on the investment of their hard earned money. 

Why are they willing to become private lenders to real estate investors?  

Their money is secured by both a mortgage and hazard insurance policy and, if for some reason there is a failure to repay the loan, they have the value of the property to reclaim their funds. They’re in a VERY secure position! When you take in to consideration the loan is generally only at 65-70% of the actual value of the property, it only makes sense!

 Right now real estate is the perfect storm for creating money and good returns on investments. True the housing market is down there are lots of foreclosures, but this also means there are a lot of bargains to be found. All of this combined culminates into an incredible time to buy. Most investors do the exact opposite. They wait to invest, watch others get in early, wait to invest, wait a little longer, and then finally invest when the market has peaked, then watch in horror as the market slowly dips and then bail out in a down market. This generally ends up causing more pain.  

 So how does this benefit the real estate investor? 

 When it comes to real estate investing there are two main components. The first being cash flow created by, turning the properties quickly. The second advantage is with private funding in place the investor has the ability to close the deal quickly without having to find funding to put it all together. Because a real estate investor’s two best assets are cash flow and speed.  

 There is also the old adage coming into play here that “nothing talks like cash”. So being able to pay cash upfront on a deal allows the investor to get better deals, in particular when in the act of procuring a property via short sale from a bank. So the investor has the opportunity to react quickly on a good deal and is able to get it done, as opposed to waiting for approval on a bank loan. Plus a better deal is always achievable when paying cash! 

 How do you become a private money lender? 

  This means that you invest your money and at the end of your agreed investment time you get your money back plus a high interest. If for some reason the borrower runs into problems you own the real estate property that is normally worth much more than your initial investment.

  This is exactly what banks are doing. They lend people money and get a good interest rate. If things go bad they get the property. This has been very profitable, as you know banks are the ones ending up with the money.  Lately they have made some mistakes when they lent out 100% of the property value and this left no margin for failure.   

 As a private money lender you will receive much higher interest rates than the banks, because they are regulated. With private money lending you are investing property by property. Your risks are there, but you will be involved in each property and its numbers and then decide if you like the deal.

                            If you would like more information please feel free to call Bill at  (772) 607-2726 or (772) 237-0551    

                                           Or you can just fill out the form below. We look forward to speaking with you. 

  **PLEASE NOTE: This is not a security. The information provided herein is not intended to be for the purposes of soliciting a Security under State or Federal regulations. This information is intended to give the private investor alternatives to stock market investments, but is not intended to be a solicitation of a Security under SEC rules and regulations. This is intended to be a private borrowing transaction. For more information see our disclosure statement.**


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Trust Deed loans may not be suitable for all lenders or investors. By acknowledging this disclosure and agreement, you hereby declare that you and/or your lending entity is of suitable and substantial means to make Trust Deed loans, and that a loss on capital, interest income, and/or a temporary or permanent cease in interest payments will not create a financial hardship for you or your lending entity.

Although A AAA Able REI, Inc. may provide information regarding specific Trust Deed loans, it is the sole and absolute responsibility of each lender to research and verify all information provided by A AAA Able REI, Inc including but not limited to, borrower’s credit worthiness, borrower’s past project success, borrower’s financial status, and property condition. By acknowledging this statement, you hereby understand that each lender is solely responsible for verifying all information about any specific Trust Deed loan, and you agree to hold A AAA Able REI, Inc harmless for the verification of information given by borrowers, brokers or other third parties.

A AAA Able REI, Inc does not guarantee the performance or quality of any loan presented for consideration. A AAA Able REI, Inc will not be held responsible for any financial hardship or loss suffered as a result of lending on Trust Deeds.

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