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   Have you been dreaming of becoming a homeowner? Would you rather pay a mortgage instead of rent? Been through a rough patch financially? Lost a home to foreclosure?

  All these things can happen to anyone at anytime, but that doesn't mean the dream is over.

  Nearly everyone at least occasionally dreams of owning their own home, some keep on dreaming and finally get one. Others for whatever reason end up continuing to pay rent, and helping their landlord pay off the mortgage. Why would they do this? Maybe they gave up because their credit took a hit during a job loss. Possibly they figured home ownership was just not in the cards for them.

 These reasons don't really matter, and they do not necessarily preclude you from becoming a home owner. If you are still dreaming of owning your home you have come to the right place. A AAA Able REI Inc "The "A" Team" may have just the solution you are looking for.

  We offer owner financed/ lease option homes for people in a variety of credit challenged situations. Or if you have a tough time qualifying for conventional financing because of how your tax returns are done, we have solutions.

** Please note if you already have a house picked out and looking for someone to purchase and finance it for you please consult a bank  or other source. We are not lenders**

** Please Note ** We Never Sell Information You Provide to our site to Anyone else** all info you provide is for our use only!

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Have you ever owned a home before?

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